In The End, Of Course, Burka Avenger Swoops In And Saves Them.

"Children! Are you looking for adventure? Do you want your life to be full of action?" the recruiter asks, as a jihadi carries out feats of daring. "Do you want the power to strike down your enemies? ... Sign up now and become a hero like Rambo Scambo, and just like him, you too can have your name up on the great Wall of Heroes!" The children are lured into a plot to attack their own village. In the end, of course, Burka Avenger swoops in and saves them. Quaid Say Baatein produced an episode specifically about the army school attack that was viewed almost 100,000 times on the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Facebook page alone. The army school massacre may have created an atmosphere in which Rashid and the others feel safer to operate, but that doesn't mean they can let down their guard. "They have to be very careful," Pakistan's chief military spokesman, Gen. Asim Bajwa, told me, warning of the threat from the militants.

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